Helical Piering

If you have a foundation in need of repair or have a site with traditional foundation challenges, RWN Property Services has the solution. Helical piers are an efficient, reliable technology used to repair failing foundations and for securing new construction. 

Sometimes called anchors, piles or screwpiles, helical piers are steel anchors driven deep into the ground by hydraulic machinery. Instead of requiring large excavation work, they simply thread down into load bearing soil to absorb the weight of the structure. Helical piers reduce installation time and decrease soil disturbance compared to traditional installation and repair methods. They’re also removable.

Helical piers make ideal footings for decks and patios because installation takes hours instead of days, they can be installed in any weather, you can begin construction on top of them right away, and they’re strong and long-lasting. 

Uses for Helical Piering

  • residential foundation repair
  • deck and patio support
  • boardwalks above water
  • retaining wall support
  • oil and gas
  • industrial
  • amusement parks
  • government projects
  • wind and solar energy
  • new and existing commercial foundation projects
  • whenever soil conditions prevent standard foundations

We work with innovative, industry-leading products from Pier Tech Systems. Watch this video to see the various uses for helical piering.

Does your foundation need repair?

Common symptoms of a failing foundation:

  • exterior cracks
  • interior cracks in sheetrock
  • doors and windows that don’t shut or have frame separation
  • uneven or bouncing floors
  • cabinet separation from wall
  • nails popping out of drywall
  • expansion joint separation

Click here for an overview of the foundation repair process using Pier Tech helical piers.

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